Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo Number Two

Photographer : Helgesen, Lake Mills Iowa.  That is all I know for sure.
Brother and sister?  Possibly.  The little boy has a scar on his head, just to the right of his bangs.  This photo is on a heavy duty backing..I am not sure what to call it.  What do you think on the year?  1910?
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*** I did some research, this kind of card measuring 4 1/4 by 6 1/2 is called a Cabinet Card.   Cabinet Cards were in use by photographers from 1866 to 1906.  Some were still used into 1920..but not many.   See...  you can learn along with me!
**** Update Oct 28, 2009
This cabinet card is black on the front and grey on the back.. equals 1880 to 1890
Black Cards were used from 1877 to 1887
The clothing..especially on the little boy..may be the clue..I am still looking
*** Norkio thinks 1885.  


  1. 1910 is probably a good guess. I am intrigued by the perfection of their clothes.

  2. I agree with the photo date. I have some old family photos on Cabinet Cards from 1900. I have no clue who the family members are, but I can't throw them out either. Too bad these old photos were not able to be passed on to future generations.
    This new blog is going to be an adventure of learning. I really like it.
    BTW Couldn't help noticing your posting time. Insomnia??

  3. Poor boy has some seriously wild hair. ;-)

  4. Rae, I noticed you are up early! I tend to be a real night owl some nights! I have a bunch of cabinet cards..I will do a little more history on them one of these days.
    Jen, Just me and Mildred, Thanks for coming by! :)

  5. Great Idea Far Side - you never know you may even run into somebody who knows something about a picture sometime -- Wouldn't that be something!

  6. Reminds me of Little Lord Fauntleroy, written in 1885 and inspiring the boys fashion craze in America.

  7. Also, the girl's dress is suggestive of the 1880s - higher collar, lace trim in a V shape on the bodice - these were popular women's clothing styles, I believe around that time.

  8. The boy has such sad and old-looking eyes for someone so young.


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