Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Number Nine

Isn't this little one sweet?  I thought so, what makes this photo more special is the way in which it is presented.

What Grandma wouldn't want to display this picture holder  in some prominent spot in her home..I would hang it up with my calender.  I  have no idea on the date of this one.   It is mounted on a heavy grey colored it probably dates to sometime before 1920.  I have no idea what you would call this either..A Presentation Card?  A Hanging Card?  I will have to do some more research.

Thanks for stopping by!  Come again:)


  1. I have been thinking about a blog with family history and pictures. Your blog has inspired me.

  2. It is a cute photo but the cardboard design is odd - spiderwebs???

  3. What beautiful eyes!

  4. Quite the artful presentation for a lovely child. Very nice! I have never seen this type of photo display. Let us know if you find out more about it. ~Abra

  5. Rae, The design does look like spider webs.. it would make a great Halloween scrapbook paper:)


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