Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photo Number 1334

Some more 1938 snapshots of Miss M.

Helen Danhiem and myself 1938

Do you suppose they were showing off their legs or their shoes?

Helen Danhiem and myself 1938 back

Helen Danhiem + myself 1938

Charlie and mystery woman 1938

Charlie and mystery woman 1938 back

1938 In front of our house.  Nell said “I look like a school house + Charlie like a telephone pole.”

So is this Charlie and Nell?  Or Charlie and the mystery woman?

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  1. I see at least a partial house number - after being distracted by some mighty fine legs. :)

    Charles looks mid- or even eastern European...

    I wonder if he is Charles Maro (his wife was named Nell). They lived at 322 Buchanan Street, Minneapolis in 1938. Charles' parents were recorded as Yugoslavian or Czechoslovakian, depending on the year of the census.

    I suspect Helen's last name was misspelled. It might be Dannheim.

  2. My mom wore funny socks with stripes in some of her high school days pictures. They usually didn't match anything that they were wearing.

  3. I think she's right. There is a sort of telephonpole/schoolhouse vibe going on. An apt description.

    As to the shoes vs. legs. They were showing the shoes, but they were SHOWING the legs. Let's hope if the photographer was a fella he understood the subtle message, but probably not.


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