Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Photo Number 2248

This is a photo from the antique shop in Walker Minnesota.

Joanie 1954 Brainerd Mn Wadena Ant

Joanie in the Class of 1954.

Sothers of Brainerd Minnesota were the photographers.  So I will guess that Joanie is from the Brainerd area.

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  1. Beautiful young woman - she looks a little bit like Matthew Broderick!

  2. Was hoping that little insignia would have mentioned a school name. Couldn't find a school yearbook, although they seem to be all over the place online now. Hope Joanie's family comes looking and finds this sweet photograph!

  3. The 1940 US census lists 8 possible "Joan"s living in Brainerd, MN - so she is likely to remain forgotten.

    Ancestry returns dozens of yearbook pages for "Joan" and 1954.


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