Friday, May 27, 2016

Full Circle 147

This Full Circle began through a Google Search!
Hayes City Kansas Stainer Bros  Craigs Number 1801 (2)
Hayes City Kansas Stainer Bros  Craigsback Number 1801
Stainer Bros Photo Number 1801

Lori left a message on the blog and I encouraged her to send me an email.

My sister Beatrice googled our family names and your picture of the Stainers came up. Imagine our surprise. Betty Roska York was my mom. She died in 1996. Adolph & Betty Stainer Roska were her parents. Mom's grandfather did live with them and she adored him. I'm pretty sure he's the one on the lower right. My mother said they were related to the Stainer violin makers.
It's pretty amazing all the trouble you went through to track down family members. I can reimburse you for postage. Feeling grateful. Thank you!

Stainer photo
William Stainer, my Great Grandfather, Bettie Stainer Roska, Bill Roska & Betty Roska York, my Mom.

Lori sent a photo.  I asked her permission to use the photo.

Hi Connie
This is a picture of William Stainer, my Great Grandfather, Bettie Stainer Roska, Bill Roska & Betty Roska York, my Mom. I'm looking for more info on the family. I have it but where is the question.
Mom always said we were related to Leslie Howard, Ashley from Gone With the Wind. He was actually a Stainer. 
The genealogy I know goes
Betty Roska York
Bettie Stainer Roska
William A Stainer
Anton Stainer
Jacob Stainer
John Jacob Stainer
Thaddeus Stainer
Paul Stainer
I didn't know that some of the relatives were Swiss born so I learn that from your group. Either way thank you this has been interesting.
I'll look for the brother's names as I have another picture somewhere.

Hi Connie
The picture came today. William is on seated on the right I believe. Thank you for you time and efforts. 
I'll send some money for postage etc soon. 
It's a good thing that you do. Keep it up.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I remember not feeling that well when you first posted this photo. I feel really happy that the photo found its way home!

  2. I'm happy the photo is going to a good home.

  3. Google searches are the best! I've found some interesting family history tidbits by doing that. Imagine finding your own family's photo! It never would have happened without what you are doing, Connie!


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