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Photo Number 2239

This is a photo from the antique shop in Walker Minnesota.

Joseph Francis pierce  Walker ant

The photographer is Nelson in Little Falls Minn.  I found a Frank A Nelson who had a studio in Little Falls during the years 1898-1899, 1906 and 1910.

Joseph Francis pierce  Walker ant back

Joseph Francis Pierce  To Leo 1905

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  1. Find A Grave Memorial# 115978216

    His parents, William T. Pierce and Clara Bentler were married April 1903.

    Joseph Francis Pierce was born on 25 Apr 1904 in Morrison, Minnesota.

    1. Find A Grave Memorial# 41409588 is the actually grave for Joseph and his wife.

    2. Leo is Clara Bentler's brother.

    3. If you check out his parents there is a Joseph F listed as dying young but no birth or death date. I suppose they had a child that died and named the next boy child the same name?
      What we know for sure. The Joseph F Pierce born on April 25 1904 his mother was a Bentler from MN birth records.
      Clara BENTLER and William PIERCE were married in April 1903.
      Joseph F. Pierce*
      Genevieve Pierce Boisjolie (1906 - 1990)*
      Mildred E. Pierce Hyslop (1908 - 1997)*
      This Joseph F Pierce died young no known birthdate or death date and burial place is unknown.
      Then we find a Joseph F Pierce born April 25 1904 died Jan 12 1970 Buried in Luther Cemetery Oklahoma County married to a Thelma M Pierce August 13 1905 died April 12 2008
      Are they one and the same??

    4. That's a good question. Wish I could get my hands on an obit, but can't find one online.

      Still, if the MN records show a Joseph with those parents on that particular date, which just so happens to match up with the exact birth date of the guy having the same name who died in 1970--and had an uncle Leo--I'd say it's safe to call this one a keeper.

      Besides, there is a family tree on Ancestry which connects all this info together, as well (including the sisters' details). How likely is it that they all got this guy confused with the mystery baby who died young? I think they are two different people.


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