Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Photo Number 2235

Thi is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

leona Wright Craigs

The photographer was Atherton in Salina, Kans

Someone wrote in pencil Leona Wright, and there is another name on the back.

leona Wright Craigs back

Lulu?? Mae Afon ??

Earlier we had a Wentworth Wright Full Circle 141 perhaps this is a relative.  I will contact Justin and see if he knows of a connection.

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  1. Replies
    1. I'm also wondering if the last name is Hoss. The first letter of the last name is a bit similar, albeit sloppy, to the first letter of the first name. I make my cursive H similar to the first letter in the first name.

    2. Perhaps Find A Grave Memorial# 119710801 Lincoln is not far from Salina. And her passing in LA, CA seems to make a good case for her.

      There are a number of Leona Wright's in Kansas - what year do you think this photo is?


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