Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Full Circle 146

This was a Full Circle that began when MJM left a message for a Find a Grave Volunteer by the name of Peggy.
Florene FF Freway shop Mumber 2202
Photo Number 2202  Florence Engen Aldrich
I got an email from Peggy:
  Florence is a part of my family tree. Her father in law and my great grand mother were siblings.  I would love to acquire her photo for my Aldrich family history  book.
  Hoping to hear from you.
Thank you,  Peggy

I mailed off the photo and just heard yesterday that it arrived safely. 

Yes, thank you, I did receive the photo. What you do for families is priceless. Thank you again. Peggy

About all we know about Florence came from her Find a Grave page.

Florence Engen Aldrich June 10 1887 -Jan 14 1986. She was a school teacher who began teaching in rural schools in 1904,she married Fred Aldrich in 1918 and they lived at Nashua Minnesota. She was a 4-H Club Leader, a music teacher and News Correspondent. She and her husband had three children; Kathryn, Dorothy and Fred.

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