Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Photo Number 2242

For the rest of the month of May we will look at some old school photos.  It is that time of year.
I bought this photo at a second hand shop in Pequot Lakes Minnesota.1928 Francis High School Pequot Lakes ant
It is marked in the left hand corner 1928. This is a large class of 41 Students.
1928 Francis High School Pequot Lakes ant back
Francis High School class  Miyers Supt.
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  1. I think the caption says, "Francis, high school class (of 1928) as opposed to Francis High School - but I may be wrong.

    There is a St. Francis High School in Little Falls - but from what I can tell, it was "all girls".

    1. Ah, now Iggy's got me going...could it actually be, "Francis Miyers, High School Class Supt."? The handwriting for Miyers seems to match that of Francis, but be different from that of the other words.

      Or maybe this borders on over-analyzing things...

    2. Jacqi might be on to something - I think the name is Meyers though.


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