Sunday, March 27, 2016

Photo Number 2195

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Mollie from Hilma Craigs

Someone took a photo across a fancy dinner table!

Mollie from Hilma Craigs back

Mollie Stocka from Hilma Jutney

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Easter!


  1. Hoppy Easter!

    I assume the photo is of Hilma. I can find nothing of a Hilma Jutney.

    I found a Mallie Stocka (b. 1875) - living in Hart, Winona, MN in 1905.

  2. Actually, I had thought that the first letter in Mallie's last name looked the same as the handwriting for the first letter in -ilma. I had thought that first letter was an "H" rather than an "St" but when Iggy found results using Mallie STocka, I wondered if that meant it was STilma Jutney...

    Still, no hits. It seems there are very few Jutney candidates of any first name in all the usual genealogical search places.

    1. I agree, Jacqi, the H might be St. Either way, I could find very little.

      There is a Jutney in Minnesota:


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