Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Photo Number 2179

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Mrs Causin St Paul Craigs

Newcomb at 419 Wabasha St Paul Minn was the photographer, he was at that address from 1897 to 1901.

Mrs Causin St Paul Craigs back

Mrs Carsin St Paul

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  1. That seems an unusual point of view for a photo of that time--profile. And such puffy--and short--sleeves.

    Too bad the name is so impossible to read. It almost looks to my (impossible) eyes to read Cassin...and there happens to be a John and Irene Cassin--at least it's indexed that way at Ancestry--living in St. Paul in the 1900 census. Only drawback is that Irene was born in 1877, which may be too old a subject for this photograph. Or not. Depends on when the photograph itself was taken. Maybe the photographer was in business there earlier than 1897 at a different address??? She seems to be quite young in this photo. On the other hand, apparently John and Irene had been married only two years at the point of the 1900 census, so maybe...

    1. I think Jacqi is right and the name is not likely to be Carsin.

      My guess is Find A Grave Memorial# 127453222.

    2. Emma Carsen 1868 to 1901 Died of a dropped womb Might be her husband at the same gravesite Simon Carsen 1867 1897 died of consumption Both are buried at Lake View Cemetery, Tower, St Louis County Minnesota.

  2. Like Jacqi said, the puffed sleeves are huge.
    Did this lady ever think that her picture would be viewed on the other side of the globe just by a click of the mouse.......


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