Monday, March 14, 2016

Full Circle 140

This is quite a story.  Makes me smile and I hope it does you too!
I got an email.

Grandparents wedding picture #1605 Sundby/ Skogstad
I hope you are Blogger who can help me.  I would like to have a copy of  it if that is possible.  I am very slow at this, I would call if I had your number.   My father was the  second youngest son.  There were six boys and two girls.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Lona

I located the photo and sent it off in the mail.
Sundby 1891 Buxton  DL Ant Number 1605
Sundby 1891 Buxton back  DL Ant NUmber 1605
Simon and Martha Sundby  Photo Number 1605

I got a message on my home phone from Lona she called one day when I was gone.
Last week a package was delivered to me, inside was a family history booklet  called the Skogstad – Sundby Saga Including the Brathole-Einsby Lines ( We have had Einsby photos returned to family.)
History Simon and Martha
One part in this narrative was familiar to me.  Could it be?
“I remember hearing that Simon and Martha stood in the bay window at E. R. Nestoss home when they were married.”
Buxton Nd house
This was a beautiful home.  That front parlor where they were married in the bay windows was beautiful.  Ornate oak wood trimmed all the windows on the inside and double pocket doors separated the parlor from another room possibly the dining room.  At least it was the dining room when our daughter and son in law purchased it.   It was said to be the former Governor Ragnvold Nestos home when he was Governor 1921-1925….when he came to America he lived with his Uncle and Aunt…you guessed it E.R Nestoss (Nestos)
Governors Mansion in Buxton ND
Our daughter’s home in Buxton ND in 1995.  That is her and my husband on the step.  We had just sold our resort in Minnesota and moved in with them for a few months in Buxton until we moved to Harwood ND.  So we lived in the Governors Mansion for a time too.  Sadly a fire started in the laundry room in 1997 and the house was a total loss including a dog and a cat.  My son in law and granddaughter Savannah escaped with two dogs, our daughter Trica was at work.  They rebuilt on the same spot and lived in Buxton for a number of years.

What a coincidence!
Sundby Golden Years
Martha and Simon Sundby in later years.  They moved to Montana  in 1913. They had eight children.

Lona writes:
Thank you Connie!  I must apologize for the condition of this book they were printed a long time ago and the glue has given out.

Clarice the author is a first cousin of mine.  I believe it was printed in the middle 1980’s.  I’ve marked some pages with tabs that I felt might interest you.

The first is page 9.  You will note that Grandma’s dress is white.  I wonder about that but of course we will never know.

You really made my day as I’m sure you have many others.  If you have other calls on this picture feel free to give them my name and address if they are interested.

I grew up just a mile from “the ranch” which was 30 miles North of Shelby Montana.  I knew all of my first cousins and many of their children.  Some were nearly my parents age.  Thanks again Lona.

I cannot answer why she has two different dresses...we may never know.
Wow what a great Full Circle!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Now that is full circle with some loop de loops too! Amazing!

  2. An interesting Full Circle. I like that your family had a connection to the house: it's a small world.

  3. This is a good story except for the part of the fire. It is an interesting two story addition that they put on the back of the 4 square house. Great full circle story.

  4. You find such wonderful stories.

    I don't have the tenacity you do in tracking down family records. I wish I did.

  5. What a fantastic story! It took a while, but glad the connection got made. And what a coincidence that you actually lived in that same house for a while. Who would have thought???

  6. Playing catch up---wow! What an awesome connection!!

  7. Connie, I will gladly award you a comment as I was the cousin that actually found this and immediately called Lona about it. I had no idea if she followed through. Were you able to send her a copy of the photo? She asked me not to long ago to see if she could get one??? Please let me know if you can and what the cost is. If you sent one it may have been misplaced......I would like to help her! Many thanks for all that you do!

  8. Hi Christine, Yes I mailed Lona the photograph back in February. She sent me a note, $5 and the booklet. I can send you a copy by email if you wish. Contact me by email, click on the yellow flower, email is on my profile page. :)


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