Thursday, March 31, 2016

Full Circle 142

I mailed these photos on November 27, 2015.  I believe that they have arrived, however I have not heard that news.

After a time my OCD takes over and I just declare a Full Circle.  I like to keep all loose ends accounted for.

There were ten photos in this group.

Harry and Alice Moorhead Ant Number 1433 (2)

Photo Number 1433

Warner kids 1957 March Moorhead ant Number 2085

Photo Number 2085 David Ruth and Peggy Warner 1957

Richard Bartle Moorhead ant Number 2083 (2)

Photo Number 2083 Richard Bartle

Joseph and Marcella Moorhead ant Number 2084 (2)

Photo Number 2084  Joseph Doude and Marcella Engle in 1934

Then there are six photos that are from Photo Number 2087

Geo and Blanche lee Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

lees photo for newspaper Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

Lees with a baby Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

George and Blanche Lee

Mary T Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

Mary Treganza Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

Photos marked Mary Treganza

Treganza photo Mhd ant Number 2087 (2)

I am always happy to return photos to relatives.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hmmm, just my opinion, but it's rude to request the photos and then not acknowledge their arrival. Thanks for sending them to their new home.

  2. That is amazing to have so many for one family. I have a full circle in progress where a batch of loose photos from a country school had this lady's mother in one of them. Small world as my mom was her teacher. The girl in the photo married into my family as an in law to my Uncle. The lady in the photo was living until she died four blocks away from where I live today. I never met her or any of her family that graduated from the school here where I worked. I thought of this blog when the letters started coming in yesterday.

  3. You have far more patience with the recipients than I do. I find too often I am asked for photos as if they expect them. Too often a thank you never arrives. Thus most people I now just ignore.

  4. Well, here's hoping the photos arrived in the midst of the holiday rush and somehow the note got forgotten. It would be great to hear a bit about the families represented by those photos. I hope you do hear back from that person.

  5. That is a lot of photos! Soon we will need a returned photo count!


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