Saturday, March 5, 2016

Full Circle 139

This Full Circle began with an email.
Ruth and Henry dl ant Number 2151
Ruth and Henry Bury  Photo Number 2151
I mailed off the postcard to Douglas a Great Grandson.  Their son Donald was his grandfather.

I am unsure how he found my email, but it is available in my profile. I sent off the photo February 11 2016.

The other day I received a note in the mail:

Connie, Please accept this small gift of appreciation for the work you do.  Hopefully you can use it in your endeavors.  As a small child my Grandfather would take me over to his parents farm and I would spend the afternoon exploring all the barns and out building on my Great Grandfathers farm.  Ruth and Henry stayed on that farm well into their eighties and finally when my Great Grandmother was no longer able to get around on her own they moved into an apartment in town.  I would go over and visit with them with my own children until they both passed.  Ruth Williams Bury lived to 98 years and Henry Clay Bury lived to 99 years old.  Thank you so much for the work you do.
Sincerely and Gratefully, Douglas

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  1. Wonderful return note. Good this photo got back to someone who cares.

  2. I love reading the notes from those who receive the Full Circle photos. I'm sure it is gratifying to you when the notes arrive. I'm pleased the photo has been returned to a family member, and I hope it never becomes "lost" again.

  3. It is a bonus when the third generation knew the ones in the photo or was at least around and on the farm. Good connections for a happy ending. Our neighbor's boy who was the same age as my older brothers, now has his two sons owning my dad's farm.

  4. How wonderful that this photo found its way back to a family member for whom these people meant so much! What memories!


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