Saturday, January 9, 2016

Photo Number 2122

This is a snapshot from the Tin Ceiling in Park Rapids Minnesota.
about a 1939 Chevy Tin Ceiling
A man and a woman standing in front of about a 1939 Chevy.  The woman looks older than the man, perhaps they are Mother and Son.  A man with a hat is taking the photo.  The woman wears a fur looking coat with one button and a pin of some sort on the top part of the coat…perhaps a Christmas Pin.  She tops off her going for a winter ride coat with a white scarf and fashionable ankle length overshoes/rubbers.
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  1. Wish something could be told by the surrounding buildings. Wonder where they are...not in Florida, I suppose ;)

  2. I like that shadowy hat! :) They look proud of their new car.


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