Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Full Circle 138

I have another Full Circle to report.  Back in October I mailed a copy of the blog post to a relative of the Bang brothers.  Remember them?
Bang Brothers DL ant Number 2033 (2)
Yes they are all brothers.  Photo Number 2033.  The Bang Brothers.
Nels 1884-1972
Wilhelm 1889 - 1954
Martin 1893-1960
George B 1895-1975
Carl M 1898- 1948
Reuben F 1900 - 1982
Lloyd E 1903 - 1975
Paul 1905 - 1937
Stanley 1908-1990
Donald 1909 – 1986

There were two girls:
Dorthea 1886-1963
Elsie 1913-1930

Shortly after the first of the year I received a hand written letter.  ( I mailed a copy of the blog on October 15, 2015)

December 29, 2015
Hi Connie,
I admire your imaginative way to keep busy in a productive (usefull) way!

I would be pleased if you sent me the postcard.  Sorry I have been so slow to reply to your interesting presentation.  Plz find enclosed two $5’s to cover your incidentals.

My Dad was born in 1900 (Reuben F) I was born in 1930—My oldest son (Eric) was born in 1960 – Go figure!?  I am Rueben F Jr.  The boys in the photo are all brothers.  I was acquainted with every uncle except Paul.

Thanks for the piece of history.
Sincerely Reuben
P.S. Jesus loves you!

I sent off the postcard with a note that said “Jesus loves you too!”
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Considering Rueben, Jr's age, I hope he has someone who would love to have this when he passes. Wonderful picture!

  2. I just wonder how Mrs. Bang the mother of all these children survived all the mayhem! Imagine trying to feed and clothe all of them? They do look like a well dressed family too!

    1. Forget the mayhem. That was 29 years worth of pregnancy!

    2. I thought about that too...and cooking:)


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