Monday, October 19, 2015

Photos Number 2046

One day I purchased a number of photos at an Antique Shop at Kabekona Corners…better known as Dave’s Place/ The Peddler.  He said he purchased them at a church rummage sale in Park Rapids Minnesota.

There are eighteen photos in this bunch….all related.

We will start with the oldest.

Halverson home Laporte ant

A very large two story house.

Halverson home Laporte ant back


Halvorson? Halverson  Home in Mt. Horeb , W  1898

Johanna Halverson Laporte ant

A photographer met a young lady by the name of Johanna who was born in Sweden..

Lewis Halverson two Laporte ant

The photographer Lewis Halverson born in Wisconsin..

Johanna and Lewis Laporte Ant

Johanna and Lewis Halverson’s Wedding.

Johanna and Lewis back Laporte Ant

I know from a census record that Johanna came to the United States when she was three years old in 1884.  So she was born about 1881….April 12, 1880.  Lewis H. was born about 1874 in Wisconsin.

Halverson is sometimes spelled Halvorson in census records..

Johanna’s maiden name was Stephenson, her parents were Olof and Maria.

Lewis H. and Johanna had three daughters and we will see photos of them tomorrow.

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  1. If this goes Full Circle - it will be a bunch of photos!

    1. I hope it does...but all avenues seems to be dead ends as far as I can tell. It would make someone a great find:)

  2. The house looks like one that would be built for large families. The people researched didn't have that many of them. It reminds me of the Amish houses seen in Missouri.

  3. Well, if I found the right Find A Grave memorial, it looks like Lewis and Johanna had at least three daughters. Surely at least one of those daughters had children of her own...there must be someone out there!


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