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Photo Number 2049

This is the last of the Halverson Photos.

Lillian ans Aunt Lena Laporte ant

Lillian and Aunt Lena

Lillian and Aunt Lena Laporte ant back

I cannot find a Lena on the Stephenson side of the family perhaps it she is on the Halverson side of the family.

Halverson group Laporte ant

Front: Anna Stephenson, Ella Halverson, Johanna Halverson

Back:  Lillian Halverson and Lila Solum Walker

I will guess that this photo was taken about 1912 or 1913 (Ella the littlest girl was born in 1909.)

Halverson group Laporte ant back

Ole and Marie (Person) Stephenson immigrated  from Sweden in 1884 to Sundahl Township in Norman County.  They were the parents of ten children, but only five survived infancy.


Erick/ Eric married Augusta Groberg they had at least five children; Arthur, Clarence, Elsie, Lewis and Hazel.  Augusta’s brother Gustaf A Groberg (1867 – 1909) married an gal by the name of Anna Mathilda Kyllander. When Gustaf died in 1909 she married Erick’s brother August


August  Married Anna Mathilda Kyllander Groberg sometime after 1909.

Johanna Married Lewis H. Halverson.  Children Lillian, Ella and Jeannette

So I think the lady in the photo is the Anna Stephenson who is married to August Stephenson. I have no idea who Lila Solum Walker is.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Halverson photos. He was a talented photographer.

  2. My late wife's mother side was Stevenson. They were Norway immigrants. I perked up when I saw the other spelling.


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