Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Full Circle 130

This Full Circle began with a comment by Sallysmom ,  “Could this be the Fred Bleese from Photo Number 1819?”  Well that Fred Bleese Photo went Full Circle 111 to Elizabeth….so I emailed her.


Family Reunion Dl ant Number 2006

Photos Number 2006

Family Reunion two Dl ant Number 2006

Family Reunion two Dl ant back Number 2006


Harry, Ben, Fred Bleese  Uncle Rudolph Mittlestadt, Clarence, Bill, Reuben Krueger’s

There were names…all names that were familiar to Elizabeth.  So I sent them off in the mail.

Turns out there were other photos of relatives already on the blog.

Alba Oertli and others DL Antiques Number 1367 (2)

Photos Number 1367  Meda    Ezra Kruger  Alba Oertli   Grandma Kruger


Grandma Oertli  Carla  Evelyn  Aunt Martha   Mrs. Morrison

Grandma Oertli and others DL Antiques Number 1367 (2)

Group outside church Number 1400 (2)

Photo Number 1400

Grandma Krueger, Aunt Susie M., Laura Krueger, Uncle Ralph Mittlestadt

Group outside church back DL Ant Number 1400 (2)

Oretli DL Ant Number 1288 (2)

Photo Number 1288 At Oertli’s  Edna Oertli,  Martha K.Nack,  Roy Oertli and  Rose Oertli

AND I searched through all the old photos from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes that I had not presented yet and I found a few more.

 Krueger  Meda Florence

Meda Florence Krueger

Krueger  Shirley

Daughter of Clarence and Martha Krueger  Shirley Krueger

Krueger Gladwyn

To Auntie Rose and Walter from Gladwyn Krueger

All together nine photo comprise this Full Circle.

I emailed Elizabeth the names on the photos.

Elizabeth wrote:

Connie, those are some familiar names as well. Could you send them with the others? Thanks again for this service you do. Elizabeth

I mailed them off:

Thanks Connie, the photos arrived the other day. Elizabeth

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh, my. Isn't this wonderful? So many great pictures returned to loved ones.

  2. Well done!

    I love the "new" photos, too. No doubt they are graduation portraits and were sent to Aunts & Uncles.

  3. Oh my goodness!! A grand slam home run!

  4. That was quite a haul......good job.

  5. What a bonanza! I think Tired Teacher is right: someone's aunt and uncle must have lived in the Detroit Lakes vicinity. With all the photos you've posted over the years, it's a wonder you can keep track of all these names. Glad Sallysmom thought of that!


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