Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Full Circle 129

This Full Circle began when Iggy found an email for a Find A Grave Volunteer.  Stella was the volunteer and also the daughter of Floyd Woodard.

Orpha and Floyd DL ant Number 2005

Photo Number 2005   Floyd and Orpha Woodard

I wrote:

Hi, I got your email from Find A Grave.  I write a daily blog that features old photos.  This week I have a postcard of Orpha and Floyd  who I think is your Dad and Aunt.   Here is the link to the photo.  I am happy to mail you the photo if you would like it.  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

Wow! I would love to have the photo.  There is another one floating around somewhere, I think my older sister has it. Dad said once that after the picture was taken, Aunt Orpha fell out of the stroller and broke her nose!  What makes it even better is that Grandma sent it to her friend. I love the old postcards, I have several with letter written on them!

Thanks for your kindness and good work!


Hi Stella. I will get it off in the mail on Tuesday!~  So happy to send it back to family!   Please let me know when it has arrived safely and with your permission I will relate the story about Orpha and her broken nose in a Full Circle Post!  Thanks also for your Find A Grave entries...without volunteers like you we would never find  anyone!  So thanks! Connie at Forgotten Old Photos! 

Hi Connie,

Another part of the story is that Dad was wearing his first pair of pants in the picture…

Where in Minnesota was the picture found? The Family lived in Hewitt for a while and the grandparents were married in Fergus Falls. I still have relatives in the area as Dad’s Uncle Dolph stayed in the Hewitt area.

I’d be proud to have you share the story in your post.

I actually do a lot more on Ancestry.com than Find a Grave but have been trying to make sure my family is represented as much as I can.

I love genealogy!

Thanks again!


Hi Stella, I found it at an Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  I live at Osage which is east of Detroit Lakes and Detroit Lakes is North of Fergus Falls.  I am familiar with Hewitt also is it along Hwy 71 South of us.

You may want to wind your way through the rest of the photos on the blog or use the search box on the left side of the blog I don't think there are any more Woodards but I have over 2000 photos out there.  I should take the time to make an alphabetical list of the peoples names.  I hope to find time this winter to add photos to our relatives and obits at Find A Grave...I am a member but I have never added anything.  Connie

Stella received the photo.


I thought I had sent you a reply..iT ARRIVED SAFELY. I’ve been having problems with my internet.

Thanks again!


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great back and forth, and interesting photos as usual. Cheers!

  2. I don't know if people really realize how blessed they are to have photos of family from long ago. I know I treasure every picture I have.

    1. Sallysmom, I feel the same way...but our thoughts are not shared by everyone. It is sad for me when the photos are ignored:(

  3. The background on the photo is nearly as priceless as the image itself. Keep up the good work.

  4. Yehaw!!

    Had to chuckle at the "first pants" memory!! I wonder how many pants the boy/man had in his lifetime? and they remember the first pair.

  5. So glad to see a photo found for someone as active in genealogy--and especially at Find A Grave--as Stella. I'm like you, Connie: need to add a lot to Find A Grave, myself. The Internet is wonderful in that it allows each of us to do something small that it magnifies to help many others in their own searches.


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