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Photo Number 2048

These are  photos of the Halverson Family.

Halvorsen Johanna older Laporte ant

Johanna Halverson

Lewis Halverson Laporte ant

Lewis H. Halverson

Sometime before 1920, the Halversons: Lewis, Johanna, Lillian and Ella moved to Gary Minnesota.  Gary is in Norman County.

More photos were taken, after all if your father is a photographer…

Halverson Studio in Gary MN unknown Laporte ant

Lillian Halverson

Halvorsen Ella Gary Minn photographer Laporte ant


Ella Halverson

On the folder is the Imprint surrounding an H  L.H. Halverson Gary Minn

Halvorsen Ella Gary Minn photographer Laporte ant

In the 1920 Census the family is found in Norman County Minnesota with Lewis age 45, Johanna age 39,  Lillian age 14 and Ella age 10.

Jeannette Louise Halverson was born April 24 1920 in Norman County.  She married Roland Emmet Erickson (1920-2002) sometime before 1950.  They had one child James Brady Erickson  March 28 1950 – April 2 1950.  Jeannette died in Hennepin County April 10 1992. She is also buried at St Johns Cemetery Norman County along with her husband and son.

There is one photo of Jeannette.

Halverson Jeanette  Laporte ant

Halverson Jeanette  Laporte ant back

Jeannette Halverson

Census Info:

In the 1930 Census they are all found in Minneapolis in Hennepin County.  Lewis is 55, Johanna is 49, Lillian is 24, Ella is 20 and Jeanette is 9.

In the 1940 Census they are found in Minneapolis in Hennepin County Johanna is 60, Lillian is 34, Ella is 30 and Jeannette is 20. 

 Lewis died  April 15 1930.

Johanna died June 30, 1967 

This whole family seems to be gone.  The strong tie to Norman County and St. Johns Cemetery seems to be Johanna’s parents Olof and Maria.

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  1. Maybe some distant members of the family will find this someday and want the pictures. Sad to think all may be gone with none not even distant still living.

  2. I think Lewis and/or Joanna had a bunch of brothers and sisters - so there ought to be some cousins out there!

  3. That photo of Jeannette with the umbrella is just darling. It would be so sad to think no one is left in that extended family. Surely a distant cousin???


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