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Photo Number 2047

More photos of the Halverson Family.

Johanna Halverson younger Laporte ant

Johanna Halverson younger Laporte ant back

Mrs. Halvorson/Halverson

Black Duck Minn

Johanna Stofenson/Stephenson

Johanna and Lewis Halverson welcomed their first daughter.

Halverson Lillian  Laporte ant

Lillian Magnhild Halverson

July 13 1905

I can report that Lillian was born in Beltrami County July 13 1905 and she died September 8 1999 in Golden Valley Minnesota.   She married someone with the last name of Kjorlie.  She is buried in Norman County Minnesota.

Johanna Halverson photo mark

This is the Photographers info that appears on several of the older photos.  The Pioneer Studio Blackduck, Minn.

The Minnesota Historical Society has no record of this Studio.  They do have a record of L.H. Halverson being in business in Blackduck Minnesota in 1914 and later in Gary, Minnesota in 1920.

I think that perhaps Lewis left Wisconsin for Northern Minnesota about 1900.   He probably travelled by Ox cart especially if he was carrying his photographic supplies.  I think he met Johanna during his travels.   They met sometime before 1905 and married.   Blackduck was organized as a village on December 29 1900, and in 1905 the train made it’s way to Blackduck which was a logging area.

Halverson Family Blackduck Laporte ant

Johanna and Lewis with Lillian about age three…about 1908. One gold seal says Halverson Blackduck Minn and the other says Special Portrait.

Halverson  ELLA baby Laporte ant

Ella Geneva Halverson joined the family on October 8, 1909 in Beltrami County she died December 28 1957 in Hennepin County Minnesota and is buried in Norman County.

Halverson  ELLA Laporte ant back

Ella Halverson

Halverson E and L Laporte ant

Ella and Lillian Halverson

Halverson  gal  Laporte ant

Lillian Halverson

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  1. These photos are amazing, and I'm delighted you are posting them together.

  2. What a delightful set of photos. Oh, I do hope they find their way back home to someone in this family!

    Interesting that you uncovered a photographer not included in the Minnesota Historical Society's listing of state photographers.

  3. Such pretty girls. One would think had a lot of gentlemen pursuing them.


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