Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Photo Number 1645

This is an old snapshot from the Tin Ceiling a Antique Shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Man with a bull Tin Ceiling

A man and his bull in front of a haystack..  The bull was the  foundation of his herd of cattle.

The bulls all had nose rings, I remember feeling sorry for ours.  He was very gentle and I used to pet him all the time.  One day I wandered into the pasture and was petting his leg, it caused a bit of excitement…I was saved by one of the neighbor boys…of course I was certain I was in no danger.

It would be nice if someone would recognize this old snapshot…I would love to have a photo of my grandfather with one of his bulls.

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  1. This gentleman doesn't seem to afraid of this bull. I bet you were safe too - unless you were swinging a cape or something. :)

  2. I remember our beef bulls being much more sedate than the dairy bulls that were very aggressive.


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