Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photo Number 1625

This is a snapshot from the antique mall in Moorhead Minnesota.

Yours with a lota BD Lac Moorhead Ant Buick

Yours with a lota B.S.  “Lac”

My Dad thought that the car looked like a Buick.

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  1. I agree with your dad, it looks like a circa 1926 Buick give or take a couple years. The car to the left has a fold down windscreen and a hand crank starter! I think this might be a circa 1919 Model T Ford. The electric starter introduced about 1912, was nearly universal by 1920.

    I think the building in the background has a sign that might be readable under a magnifier - it looks something like "crixet" to me. The building to the right also has a sign, looks like "be*" something.

    She has nice legs! :)


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