Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Photo Number 1617

From time to time I get photos from people.  Sometimes they are mailed and sometimes they are emailed.

These were emailed from Jim K. ( He looks for photos in antique shops also! )

Hi, Connie!  Long time!
I'd like to share these three photos with you, in case you're desperate for some photos to share with your readers!
I picked these up years ago at an antique mall near Akron, Ohio. 
They seem a bit 1930s to me.  But as if Martha Graham choreographed for an Ayn Rand piece.  So stark and angry and angular!
All three of these photos are NOT marked on the back in any way, and all of them have glue residue covering the back.  The vertical photo is probably 11x14, while the other two are 8x10.
I'd love your thoughts!!
(By the way, I had a couple of full-circle moments last year.  A pair of pictures that I bought in Brimfield made their way back to a relative in Syracuse with the help of Karl, and four pictures that I bought in Chardon made it to a relative in Iowa.  I have TEN photos of an Akron family, and reached out to descendants and was abruptly hung-up on or ignored.  Nobody wants them, and they're GORGEOUS!  Sad...)
Hope you're well, etc.
Jim K

IMG_1378 From James

photos-11 from James

photos-10 from Janes

Perhaps someone out there can shed some light on these photos.   All of the dancers are barefoot…one lady seems to have finger waves in her hair.  In the last photo they all look angry to me.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again.


  1. Looks like a theater troupe to me. My first thought was "Shakespeare".

  2. My first thought would be Martha Graham style of Modern Dance (think of the Choreography number in White Christmas).

  3. Since it looks like a local production, I wonder if the historical society in the area would have someone able to give an educated guess.


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