Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Full Circle 87

We had a Full Circle with three wedding photos.

Readers found a tree at Ancestry and Iggy emailed Karen.  She contacted me and the wedding photos were mailed.

Thank you for your kind offer to send the photos of the Jastrow/Gollnick wedding party. These people are in my family tree.  I would gladly add their pictures to them.



Carl Scheaulund Elizabeth MN Number 1601

Photo Number 1601

Herman Jadrow  Elizabeth MN Number 1602

Photo Number 1602

Bertha Lardrow  Elizabeth MN Number 1603

Photo Number 1603

Hi Connie,
The photos arrived yesterday. I'm so glad you translated the information on the back. I would never have been able to read it.
I wish I had more information to add to these people but they are collateral and I really don't know much about that line.
I will put a donation in the mail for you tomorrow. Your efforts are very much appreciated.


Nice to have a Full Circle with the wedding photos.  Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again.


  1. Wonderful news!

  2. Susanna Rosalie was the one that made this Full Circle go.

    :) I'm happy the photos are with family - it was interesting to see how difficult it was to connect up family that was left behind in the old country.


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