Saturday, July 19, 2014

Photo Number 1634

This is a really old snapshot from the antique shop in Park Rapids, MinnesotaChild with kitten PR antiques

A small child with a kitten.  The lady in the photo is wearing an almost pigeon breasted  gown…but the hem length has risen from the floor.  So I will guess this photo is from around 1915.

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  1. It is a precious, old photo.

  2. Look at the 3/4 length sleeves too! I'm so glad they're back! For anyone who has their hands in water or scrubs a lot they are a God send. That was the year my Mother was born so it is interesting to see what the mid west world looked like at that time....fashions, cars or rather horse and buggy, etc. I can't believe the "old" classic cars from a few pictures of when I was a child! LOL!

  3. Oh how sweet!
    Can't imagine wearing that dress in summer, though.

  4. Maybe she just re-hemmed her old dress...

  5. These photos would be great mounted.

  6. So cute!! It's a shame the mom is headless!


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