Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Photo Number 1638

This is an snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Farm at Cedar Lake at DL Antiques
Despite the poor quality of the photo you can still see a farmhouse.
Farm at Cedar Lake at DL Antiques
AND we have a clue.
Farm at Cedar Lake at DL Antiques back
Farm at Cedar Lake at Uncle John Mattson’s where Helene was born.
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Photo Number 883 featured Uncle John and Aunt Lena Mattson....Helene's last name was Strunk and more of the Strunk family has been featured before.  Photo Number 872, 883, 882 and Full Circle 73.


  1. Big home and windmill.

  2. There are a lot of John Mattsons - I found one born in July 1869, in Sweden living in Spring Lake, Scott, Minnesota in the 1900 US census. There is a Cedar Lake in Scott County - but the town doesn't appear with a "lake". There are a lot of unnamed lakes (in Google Maps) in the area though. This John was married to a Helen. Perhaps one their grands was a Helen too. This John moved to Falun, Roseau, Minnesota by 1910 though and is Find A Grave Memorial# 75310309. I've no confidence that this is "them".

  3. I figured this one would be a job for Iggy! Too many variables. There are quite a few entries on FamilySearch for "Helene Mattson"--if, indeed, that was her name at birth. Dates range all over the place, including one who likely is still alive.

    Too bad there isn't a way to tell the date for this photograph. It might help zero in on possibilities.

    There is a Cedar Lake in Minnesota, by the way. According to its entry on Wikipedia, it is "a lake on the west side of Minneapolis, north of Lake Calhoun and west of Lake of the Isles."

    Of course, just because you found the picture in Minnesota doesn't mean it is a picture of Minnesota. When I look at old photographs at antique stores around my home, I see pictures from all over the country--people sending their photos to friends and relatives who live here, but used to live there, wherever "there" was. For instance, when I saw the caption to today's photograph, I immediately thought of the Cedar Lake where my own aunt and uncle lived--a fun place to visit, but it wasn't in Minnesota; it was in New Jersey.

  4. Before I even scrolled down, I knew your investigators would be on the case! :)

  5. There was a Cedar Lake Iowa too...and Indiana:(

  6. For some reason I think that this has something to do with the Strunk family.


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