Friday, November 29, 2013

Photo Number 1414

This is an old photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

morning after Thanksgiving DL Ant

Looks like parents on the right and maybe children?  What is that “stuff” on the outer walls of the building? Two of the boys seem all dressed up and out of place.

morning after Thanksgiving DL Ant back

Taken the morning after Thanksgiving 1916

morning after Thanksgiving DL Ant back

Ramon, Orval, Webb, Mable, Pearl

In pencil there is a notation Webb teacher.

morning after Thanksgiving DL Ant back

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  1. Perhaps it's a school.

    The outer walls might have been covered with tar paper that has become brittle over time. It appears to have broken away between the lath strips holding it in place exposing whatever that material is underneath.

    Good find.

  2. It might be a sod house. I think they used to put stucco on the outside of some of them - and that might be what the "white stuff" is... I first thought it was snow.

    I couldn't find any family possibilities for this one.


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