Thursday, November 28, 2013

Photo Number 1413

Recently I received a whole box of old photos from Katherine in California.  They were passed onto her by a friend, the family was from the San Francisco Bay area and there was no one else to pass them down to.  I do not have them all scanned yet. Some are marked with names and some are not.

This is one of those photos.

Thanksgiving from Katherine

An old Polaroid photograph, most likely from the 1950’s.  The glasses, the turkey and the smiling smoking lady make this a wonderful photo!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for each and everyone of my readers and commenters!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. What a great old photo. Look at the frig, too!

  2. It is a classic family photo. They are having a great time. The quality of the photo is so good.

  3. Can't wait to see those California photos--and Bay Area people, too! We're practically neighbors ;)

    Hope your Thanksgiving was grand!

  4. Nifty photo! Eager to see more California scenes!

  5. The hostess and cook, apparently the wife and mother, in an apron!

    Do you post on Sepia Saturday? The theme 206 on December, 7, will be 'apron'. Just wanted to let you know. I imagine that the inherited box of family photos, which lid you opened, hold a story worth telling.


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