Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photo Number 1402

This is a old photo from the antique shop in Alexandria Minnesota.
Darlene and Ivadel Alex ant Now and Then
Sisters most likely.  The photographer was E.J. Colmark of Kennsington, Minn he was a photographer there in the early 1900’s.
Darlene and Ivadel Alex ant Now and Then back
Darlene and Ivadel Chayer
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Update: From me!!  I hardly ever have time for research.
The photo was most likely taken around 1940.
I found Darlene Chayer born in 1933 in Land Township Grant Minnesota.  She married Orville Anderson and had at least five children.  Ivadel Janet Chayer was born in 1937. She married James W. Larson in 1958 and they had at least five children.

Parents of both of these girls are Chester A Chayer and Cordelia Chayer.  Chester 1907 to 1979. Lilie "Della" Cordelia  1910 to 1995 both are buried in Immanuel  Lutheran Cemetery Grant County MN. 
These gals children are my age and younger so perhaps we will have a  Full Circle someday!!


  1. What a sweet photo. Hope a family member will be interested in the photo.

  2. I sure hope so, That it will come full circle.

  3. Adorable! Glad you had a moment to research. It is time consuming...but fun!

  4. I think Ivadel may still be with us, where is Elbow Lake?

    1. Elbow Lake is in Minnesota, it is south of Fergus Falls, it is in Grant County.

  5. Very sweet photo. I'm surprised to see the "leggings" on the standing child....we called it long underwear when I wore those. No tights back in the '30's!

  6. I mailed off a copy of the blog post to Ivadel in Elbow Lake yesterday November 20 2013. We will see what happens next:)


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