Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Full Circle 76

This photo was featured awhile back.  The photo was mailed off but I never received confirmation that it was received.

1912 Buick Brainerd Antiques

Photo Number 1062

1912 Buick Brainerd Antique back

As it happens a son searched his fathers name on the Internet on what would have been his 100th birthday.

Update from Sam Bissell :
Actually his birthday is June 27, 1913.
Today is his 100th birthday....and I'm glad I found this so I can share it with my family!
He was an was an author of short stories and novels. His early writings were stories and books based on his life working on the Mississippi, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers, as a deckhand, mate, and Captain. His book, "7½ Cents", was based on his time spent working in the family business, H.B. Glover Co., in Dubuque, IA, which was turned into the Broadway musical "The Pajama Game", which won the 1955 Tony Award for Best Musical. He wrote a book about the experience called "Say, Darling", which chronicled a broadway musical production and featured characters based on those he worked with; this book was also turned into a musical with the same name, in 1958.
In the 1960s, after other fictional books, he was hired by Holiday Magazine as a featured writer, which lead him to contributing to other travel magazines, as well. He wrote monthly columns for Venture Magazine as well as Travel and Leisure, which were based on his travels and were always humorous in nature.
He passed away well before his time at the young age of 63. He was survived by his wife, 3 sons, and a daughter.
Thanks for sharing this photo of one of my Dad's old automobiles!
All my best-
Sam Bissell

I get busy during the summer…so it wasn’t until this fall that I emailed for a confirmation that Sam got the photo.

Hi, Connie--
I am so sorry for not getting back to you about the photo. I thought for sure that I had written back to let you know that I did get it. I, in turn, sent it to my sister, who lives in Dubuque, so she could slip it into one of the boxes of photos that sit around my Mom's townhouse. I wish she could see the photo but, sadly, she is going blind and can't see such details of a photo.....it would simply be a blur to her. Many thanks, in any case, for sending it along to me so I could share it with the rest of my family.
The photo was, indeed, taken in the street out in front of my Uncle Fred's house on Alpine St, just off of West Third St in Dubuque.
Thanks again for having the photo online so I could find it on his birthday, last June.

All my best-


I am always happy when a photo goes home. Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. So glad the photo is again with family. What an interesting life he lived!

  2. Yay!

    I always enjoy full circles! They make the efforts to find "their home" worthwhile.

  3. What an unexpected and fascinating treasure trove came from just that one photograph! It's always nice to observe the accomplishment of one of those Full Circles, but even better to get so much of the bigger picture. "That spoiled it"...love it!


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