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Photo Number 1292

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Clayton Postcard DL Antiques
A little boy in an wooden and metal pram. He wears a beautiful white gown that has an eyelet type edge.Clayton Postcard DL Antiques back
Mr. Clayton Sylvester Rost/Rust??
Give this to Lula when you see her. It is addressed to Miss Lula Crowder
Clayton Postcard DL Antiques back
This is an Azo Postcard with diamonds in the corners where the stamp goes, typical of  1907 to 1909.
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Update from Iggy: 
A possibility
Clayton Sylvester Rost (30 Oct 1910 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) His mother was Annie Marguerite Anderson.

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  1. Interesting how life circles back around. These postcards are the same as the ones I receive as Christmas cards or as save-the-date (for a wedding) cards.

    The baby seems to know that he is being photographed. :)

  2. Precious photo. The pram is gorgeous.

  3. This one has me stymied. I have a feeling that baby Clayton might have died as an infant (and missed the 1910 US census). I tried Rist, Rust, Rast, Rost and Clay, Clayton, Sy, Syl, Sly, and Sylvester in most if not all the various combinations.

    Of Lula Crowder, I only have a theory - I found one in Roland, Bottineau County, North Dakota, the daughter of Horatio Crowder - who apparently married a Carl Nystrom (the spelling also varies all over the place) and moved to Minneapolis who seems to fit - but not knowing who/where Clayton Sylvester R*st was I can't verify anything.

  4. I found a Clayton Sylvester Rost (30 Oct 1910 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) His mother was Annie Marguerite Anderson. I don't have access to Canadian records.

  5. Thank you so much for finding this photo and posting it. My Great Grandmother was Annie M. Anderson Rost. I have other old post card Photos with her hand-writing on the back. I compared the writing to this Photo, and it is a perfect match. Clayton was Charles & Annie Rosts 2nd child of 6, sadly he passed away at the age of about 2. I just recently learned of Clayton, during the pursuit of my family tree. My family still lives in Winnipeg Canada.
    It amazes me that a 100 year old photo, could land in the right hands, with the right people at the right time, to find its way back to family. Keep up the Great work!

  6. I put the Postcard in the mail on Monday April 28 to Glenn in Canada. Thanks Glenn for the comment!


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