Monday, July 1, 2013

Full Circle 71

This sweet photo made it back home.
Postcard Marie Irene Meyers DL Antiques Number 1218
Iggy found me an address for Marie’s son John and I mailed off a copy of the blog post.
Dear Connie, your letter with my mother's picture was a surprise. My wife and I have the photo that this postcard displays. If you notice in the picture there is a locket that my mother is wearing, it is now my daughter's. My mother's mother (Annie) was from Gully which is near Fosston and Bemidji, so the fact that you found it in northern MN is not surprising. I would appreciate the postcard and will send you a donation via snail-mail. As far as my mother's history she was born in Lancaster Pa. At the age of 6 she had polio and was crippled. My Grandfather (Charles W. Myers) worked with her physically until she was 18 to get her out of her braces. She worked for the Hamilon Watch Co. (near her home) for a while until she married my father in 1939. I was born in Lancaster in 1947. As the years went by she needed to use crutches and eventually a battery operated chair. She was able to drive most of her life until the age of 60 and died peacefully at the age of 88 in 2004. That's about it except for the fact that she was a good cook especially made great cakes and pies and the best rice pudding I've ever eaten. Thank You, John
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  1. What a remarkable story about an unassuming, but courageous woman dealing with the debilitation of Polio.

    The Hamilton Watch company is now owned by the Swiss Swatch company - and houses a small museum. It was "the" place for railroaders to get their pocket watches from - and those helped the USA become what it is today. Also, Hamilton made marine chronometers - used by the US Navy in WWI and WWII - and helped "win the war" in its own way.

    The precision used to make watches probably helped make some wonderful cakes, pies, and pudding!!

  2. Glad to hear that this precious photo was returned to family members.

  3. What a gorgeous photo. Glad you were able to reconnect it with family.


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