Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photo Number 1270

The rest of the month of July we will look at some summertime photos.

This is a snapshot from  the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

1969 Lounger DL Ant

December of 1969 this photo was developed.  This gal seems to be enjoying her afternoon.  Notice her rolled up shorts and those glasses..I had a pair just like them.  1969 was the year I graduated from High School.  After looking at this photo over I think this gal might be a little bit pregnant.  I also think that is her camera on the table.

Those old loungers were fine until they got wet a few times and the strips rotted in the sunshine. They were good for one summer..maximum of two summers if you were careful.

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  1. I remember that awful "nylon/plastic" webbing! We had a set of "neon green" chairs and loungers and when they inevitably needed repair my dad would fix them up - but unfortunately, he got a roll of orange and yellow web - having forgotten what color the chairs were..

    Ugh.. ugly and uncomfortable!

  2. My sis had glasses like these, too! I remember those chairs all too well!

  3. My father still has several of those old chairs. He rewebs them every few years. A couple of the chairs are older than this photo.


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