Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Number 1198

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

4 girls and 4 guys group wedding maybe DL Antiques

Four young ladies and four young men, might be a wedding party..or a graduation.  The buildings look like they could be some kind of school.  Only one young lady is wearing a flower.

4 girls and 4 guys group wedding maybe DL Antiques

The sleeves on the dresses are huge so this photograph was probably taken around 1895.  Only one straw hat is visible.

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  1. Another wonderful photo! Perhaps a prom or dance?

    The smoke stack appears to have a word (or words) on it, but I can't read it.

    1. I can see a design with words half way up..but it is not good enough to read in the original photo:)

  2. It looks like a senior graduating class to me. All of our old graduate composites have the girls in their fluffy white dresses and guys with jackets and ties. The stairs up to the main floor is an interesting thing which makes me wonder if it isn't in north snow country. You don't have to scope snow when you rise above it.


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