Thursday, April 4, 2013

Photo Number 1183

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the first antique shop in Dorset Minnesota.

Postcard Cyko House Dorset 1

I love the screened in porch on the front of this house.  It looks like some big trees in the yard might cast some shade on that porch during the summertime.

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  1. Such a lovely home in a beautiful, peaceful spot. I'm sure the homeowner was most proud of his/her place!

  2. It is a very lovely house in a great spot. I love old houses like these, I hate seeing old houses neglected and falling down. Oh if those walls could talk!

  3. Cozy-looking home. I would love to sit out on that shady porch, myself. Very inviting!

  4. What a lovely little house and yard. It looks small, but cozy, and the lovely screened porch looks very inviting.


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