Monday, April 1, 2013

Full Circle 69

Sometimes Full Circles happen all by themselves.  Relatives will do a search and find a photo of their relatives.

That is what happened recently with Photo Number 663 that was published on September 23, 2011.

Nevis Mn Olaus

Nevis Mn Olaus two

From Martha:

I recently found your website called Forgotten Photos. You have a photo labeled Olaus Emil Ubøe, he was my 1st cousin, twice removed. Would it be possible to purchase the photo of Olaus Emil Ubøe from you?

From my records: Olaus Emil Ubøe was born on May 28, 1855, Aubø, Sjernarøy, Rogaland, Norway, and he died in Canada in 1926.

The following was from Milestones and Memories, Colonsay and Meacham Districts, 1905-1980,published by R.M. 342, Celebrate Saskatchewan 1980 Committees, Colonsay, Saskatchewan, Canada; printer Friesen Printers, Altona, Manitoba, Canada, 1980, p. 539.

Family Name: Uboe, Olaus and Christian

Olaus and Christian Uboe emigrated from Norway to Karlstad, Minnesota. Their education led them to become teachers. Olaus E. Uboe filed for a homestead in 1909 on S.W. 13-36-27 W2, east of Meacham. Later, Christian Martin Uboe came to Meacham and his homestead was NE 13-36-27 W2. Several years later, their sister (Emilie) came to live with them. Olaus, Christian, and their sister died here and were all buried in Minnesota.


I mailed her the photo and she has received it.  I do not charge for photos.  I return one photo to family free of charge, I consider it a kindness that perhaps they can pass along some day.  If they chose to reimburse me for postage that is great, some do and some do not.  Some people send more than the postage..then I turn around and purchase more photos.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. A happy ending! I love it!

  2. I like when they send you a story to the phot.

  3. That wonderful side benefit of posting these orphan photos online: the search engines lead people here to find what you've posted. How wonderful that someone was able to connect with this photo. In time, thanks to search engines, this digital collection becomes an archives--still searchable! Who knows who has yet to stumble upon the many photos you've documented and stored here...


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