Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Number 1191

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.
A squad Solway antiques
A squad Solway antiques back
These are the “A” squad cheerleaders
Jeanie Stalock Storlock
Jackie Recknor
Gloriann (Gloria Ann) Warke
+ me
This photo was most likely taken in the 1950’s.  I guess that because of the saddle shoes that two of the gals are wearing.  The vehicles all look like they are from the 1940’s.

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A while back my computer crashed, all of my photos are stored on Simple Save external drives.  I had some problems weeding out the photos that I have used versus not used…so I hope I don’t double up and use a photo I have posted before.  I have been through those files multiple times.. It was a good lesson to when I use a photo I tag it with  the number I used on the post:)

Update from Iggy:
These gals might be from the Albert Lea area.
Jacqueline R. married Eugene Graveman (of Albert Lea).


  1. I wonder who "me" was... :)

    Jeanne Stolock (age 12 in 1940)
    Carlston Township, Freeborn, Minnesota

    Jacqelin Recknos (age 8 in 1940)
    Hartland Village, Freeborn, Minnesota

    Gloria Ann Warke (age 7 in 1940)
    Bath Township, Freeborn, Minnesota

    So I would assume the photo was taken in Freeborn County, Minnesota.


  2. Perhaps the Albert Lea Senior High School?

  3. Jacqelin Recknos name is likely misspelled in the census. I see Recknor family members in Find-A-Grave in the Hartland Cemetery.

  4. Jacqueline R. married Eugene Graveman (of Albert Lea).

  5. Oh, crash? Somehow I missed that tag before. At least now, you have improved your filing system. Every little bit helps...gotta stay positive :)

  6. Cute photo. I had a very narrow feet growing up and saddle oxfords were about the only thing that fit me. I had them in several different colors~ They teased me that I would be wearing them on my wedding day!!!

  7. I will mail a copy of the blog to Jackie in Albert Lea on Saturday or Monday...we will see what happens.

  8. I have to move mine from the "old photos scanned" folder to the "old photos used" folder. I too have tried to use a photo a second time. After a few hundred how can we remember them all? :-) Glad your files were not lost!!

  9. I am mailing the photo off to Jackie in Albert Lea! :)


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