Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo Number 1192

This is a photograph from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Norman Regna and Jack DL Antiques

Norman Regna and Jack DL Antiques back

Dad before he  + Mom were married

Norman S.

Regna G.


The gentleman are wearing 3 button novelty sack suits with rounded corners.  Each wear a vest although it  was commonly called a waist coat.   One wears a very formal shirt with a rounded corner collar and a tie, the other a bow tie.  Their hats were probably very similar they just wore them differently.  The hats are Derby hats or like the English prefer Bowlers..they are one and the same.

The young lady is wearing a simple white blouse that is somewhat pigeon breasted and a tie, her skirt is simple and seems to end at her is hard to tell.

I think this photo was taken around 1910.

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  1. The guy on the left looks very much like my dad when he was young.

  2. I'm almost always amazed by how slender some folks were back in the day!

  3. I love how the two on the right have their heads leaning toward the straight arrow on the left.


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