Monday, April 29, 2013

Full Circle 70

The phone rang one evening and a gal asked for me.  It was Jackie in this photo.

A squad Solway antiques Number 1191

A squad Solway antiques back

Photo Number 1191

Jackie lives in Albert Lea Minnesota now.  Iggy found an address for her, the copy of the blog was returned to me but the post office had one of those yellow tags with a new address, so I re mailed it.  A few days later the phone rang.  Jackie is a lovely lady, she will be 81 years old on May 2nd and used to live in Casper Wyoming, her son still lives there with her grandchildren.  Her son is in Law Enforcement.

About the photo:  She said that it was taken in the 1948/1949 school year when she was a Junior.  She went to high school at Freeborn and the girls were known as the “Hartland Sirens.”  She was not a cheerleader her senior year.  The other women in the photo were her friends, Jeanie lives in New Richland Minnesota, Gloria lives in Minneapolis, and the “me” is Elloyce who was a year older and just happens to be Jackie’s Aunt.  They had a quick phone conversation about this photo, Elloyce was anxious to see it.  Jackie is sure that this is her own handwriting on the back of the photo..but she doesn’t remember why she wrote + me for Elloyce.

She is a lovely lady..we had an ever so nice visit!  It is always nice to return a photo to people who truly appreciate the effort!

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. :) I'm glad you persevered Farside (even with the bum address).

    You have given her grandchildren an eye opening "granny was a cheerleader" photo!

    65 years later... the photo lives on, sharing and preserving a wonderful memory!

  2. It is a smaller world because of the internet. I liked seeing the buses and old cars in the background.

  3. Casper, WY is just a two-hour drive from my house. What fun!

  4. I love it when you have a Full Circle!

  5. Oh, hooray! Of course, I always love those Full Circle stories, but in this case, I was glad to know you were also able to figure out who "me" was!

  6. Wonderful! Great fun to hear about this full circle.


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