Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photo Number 1122

This is another snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

1954 Michael Don Holter and Pokey DL Antiques


This one has some info on the back.

1954 Michael Don Holter and Pokey DL Antiques back

Michael Don Holter 6 yr. and Pokey  1954

Nothing better than a best friend when you are six years old.

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  1. Mrs. John A. AndersonJanuary 29, 2013 at 4:57 AM

    Hey, here's another cute dog! But this time the grass is nicely cut, and there is even a well-trimmed hedge. And, near the hedge, might that be “Grandpa” wearing a fedora?

    Behind and to the left of the handsome blond boy [who is wearing a really neat tie] there is what appears to be a croquet stake. I well recall many fun times playing croquet in all the seasons of my life. I should bring down our croquet set from a closet upstairs.

    Though, I suppose I need not hurry about that. It would be too challenging to play croquet in a yard with a foot or more of snow on it – and I'm not going to shovel off a large enough portion of our yard! But if my Colonel wants to . . .

    1. If my Charlotta thinks I am going to grab my shovel and clear enough of the yard to play croquet, she has been drinking too much of her pickle juice - again.

  2. This photo should be easy to find a home. Check this out: http://www.mylife.com/c-1158966266

  3. And behind the gentleman in the background is a clothesline. Whatever happened to Iggy?

    1. Hi Maybelline, Iggy has had a bum shoulder and he had surgery on it two weeks ago.. I have not heard from him since before his surgery. I am sending good thoughts his way everyday..:)

  4. I bet the guy was watching all that was going on not knowing he would be preserved in the photo forever. It is a well taken photo.


  5. He also has a website for his art: michaelholter.com

    I used the contact on that website to email him early this AM...time will tell as to whether he is interested.

  6. What a great photo.


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