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Photo Number 1098

This is a series of snapshots from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.Joe Erva and friends three DL Antiques

On a bridge someplace.

Joe and Erva and friends  four DL Antiques

Help! I have fallen and can’t get up.

Joe and Erva one DL Antiques


Joe and erva Two DL Antiques

Joe Breidle (Brisdle??) + Erva New

Only this last photo was marked.

Take a good look at her looks almost like velvet.  It appears to have a dropped waist and some sort of matching belt with buttons.

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  1. It is my belief these snaps were taken sometime in the early-1920s and, yes, one of the coats does appear to be of velvet or at least something that looks like velvet to the camera. And it is interesting that one of the females on the bridge is holding a box camera. From about 1900 up into the 1960s no outing was truly complete without a box camera!

  2. A very unique photo. That velvet coat is something else!

  3. People who write on backs of photos sometimes misspell names. I wonder if the young gent in these snaps is actually a Joe Breidel – possibly the Corp. Joseph Hanley Breidel [6/24/1895 – 9/29/1947] who was an infantry corporal in World War I and is buried in the Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minn. Regardless, I am envious of the young gent's cap and watch chain!

    1. And might Erva have been Erva Neul?

  4. I love looking at old photos. Welcome to Geneabloggers.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

  5. Wait! Did I just see you mentioned today on GeneaBloggers?! You should have been a charter member! So glad to see your blog mentioned there.

    What a fun-loving bunch these young people seem to be. Would not only love to know who these people are, but the back story to this excursion.

    1. I saw your comment over at Emilys and decided I better join up too! Thanks Jacqi! :)

  6. That is an r in the name. My aunt wrote her r's that way in cursive where you slide up and make a printed r but while it is on the run you move your pen on to the next letter.She wrote my name Larry that way on all of my cards. I have tried it and I see how it was done back then and it seems to be closer to an r than the flat tops we now write. I have kids in school today when I sub, tell me not to write cursive because they can't read it.

  7. Your blog seems very interesting to me, therefore I added you to my reading list. I love the old photos and now you've inspired me to keep an eye out for these old photos when I go to the thrift stores. Nice to meet you. Happy New Year!

  8. All really interesting shots, for more than just the subject matter. I really like the dark and light shapes, the positive and negative in each of them.

  9. I did a quick look using some of the "possible" permutations and other than to proffer "Minvera" for Erva, found nothing.

    Erva was a very vivacious and charming looking woman -- I would have asked her to lunch any day!


  10. If the Colonel is right, and this is Corp. Joseph Hanley Breidel [6/24/1895 – 9/29/1947] He was an American Indian, tall with dark hair in his WWI draft registration. He lived in Beaulieu, Mahnomen, Minnesota from 1895-1920+

    I found an Irva New (1898 - 1990), who lived in Floodwood, Saint Louis, Minnesota which is "sort of nearby" (140-ish miles) during that time period. She married Alexander Furgeson Murray (abt 1894) sometime around 1917-ish and they lived in Hibbing. She later married Delwyn Swanson. Her find a grave is Irva and Alexander had, in 1930:

    Russell Murray 12
    Gordon Murray 6
    Robert Murray 4
    Audrey Murray 2
    Louis Murray 0

    Alexander was a switch man for the Great Northern railroad (which might explain the bridge as the GN Railroad runs between Floodwood and Beaulieu).

  11. One of Irva's son's obits: (about 1/2 way down)

  12. Smoking bullet:

    Irva "visited her grandmother" who lived in Mohnoman, in 1915. That works for me!

  13. The 4 sons of Irva are all buried in the same cemetery in California.

    Gordon Wesley Murray
    Find A Grave Memorial# 120602690

    Louis Murray
    Find A Grave Memorial# 120658036

    Robert Maxwell Murray
    Find A Grave Memorial# 120655570

    Russell Leon Murray
    Find A Grave Memorial# 120655917


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