Saturday, January 19, 2013

Photo Number 1112

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
CdV  H B Coleman DL Antiques
A gentleman with a beard.  I believe it is called a goatee  Van Dyke beard.  This CdV is most likely from the 1880’s.
CdV  H B Coleman DL Antiques back
H. B. Coleman
The photographer is Hugo Broich and Co. Milwaukee, Wis.
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This photo went Full Circle 182 on March 21, 2020.  The photo hangs on the wall of the house he built. 


  1. Since chin hair was present, yes, the man had in part a goatee. But since that chin hair growth also included an adjoining mustache [but with no growth on the cheeks] the combined growth was more specifically known as a “Van Dyke” - at the time the photograph was taken, which could have also been sometime in the 1860s or '70s. Nowadays, almost any design of facial hair including growth both above and below the mouth [but with little or no growth on the cheeks] is known as a goatee. My Charlotta says she wouldn't kiss a guy with facial hair like the guy has in the photograph. Neither would I. Well, maybe if he bought me an expensive dinner first.

  2. Don't care for his goatee but his hair sure is "pretty!"

  3. From
    1870 Census: Francis and Sarah Coleman, living in Sugar Creek, Walworth, Wisconsin. He is a farmer. Sons Albert, age 4, and Homer, age 2.

    1880 Census: Frank and Sarah Coleman, still living in Sugar Creek, and a farmer. Sons A. A., age 14, and H. B., age 12. Frank was born in New York, Sarah, in Canada, and the boys both born in Wisconsin.

    1900 Census: Homer Coleman and Julia Coleman living in Chemung, McHenry Illinois. They have a daughter, Ethel, age 7. They have been married for 12 years. I could not read the handwriting to determine his occupation, but could have been street engineer(?). Ethel was born in Wisconsin.

    1910 Census: Homer Colman, Julia and Ethel are living in Delavan, Walworth, Wisconsin. He is a carpenter.

    Sugar Creek is southwest of Milwaukee, near the southern Wisconsin border. Chemung, is a short distance south of Sugar Creek, in Illinois.


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