Friday, January 4, 2013

Photo Number 1097

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes.

Group in Winter DL Antiques

A gathering outside in the snow in the early 1900’s.  Notice how the women are off to one side of the photo.

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  1. This is an interesting study photo. While it is perfectly natural for both males and females to gravitate into groups of their own gender, I do see a couple of women near the rear of the group, on and near the porch. Some of the males seem relatively young but I see only one child present, the little boy in the lower left. I find that one child to be the most intriguing aspect of this photograph, other than that the photo seems to have been taken in an ill-planned, impromptu fashion.

  2. Since the building appears to be a private residence, my first thought was that this is a family gathering celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or other special family occasion. However, family gatherings usually include more children. So, like Charlotta, I find the one child to be an enigma. Also, the uncommonly large, bearded man with a cap who is near the right end of the group is of particular interest.


  3. When I saw the photo, my first thought was "funeral". I have a couple old pictures of my family that are similar to this and they were taken at the time of a funeral. There is only one child, but two of the males in the front row appear to be much younger than the other men in the group, possibly teens. Interesting photo.

    1. I was thinking funeral too..the service was often held in the parlor or living room years ago:)

  4. I love the women's clothing.

  5. The trim being painted is an interesting thing. Not the common as back then they wanted to get the house painted quickly and don't mess with details like that.

  6. They don't look too grieved on the whole - some smiles - but they could be brave ones.

    I wonder how many of them caught a cold after braving the outdoors without coats to get their picture taken in some good light?


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