Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photo Number 1096

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Kids and Mom in a snowbank Solway antiques

I think this might be a Mom and her five children.  Her wrap or a blanket for one of the kids has been tossed over that small tree/bush. I wonder if the two little ones were twins?

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  1. This snap definitely appears to have been taken in the 1920s and has its charms, even though the scene in general is rather bleak. The little boy does not appear to be as happy as the four girls. No surprise. No doubt he wasn't pleased about being the only boy in the group.
    The Colonel's Charlotta

    1. This family appears to be financially poor, though perhaps "rich" in other ways. Most of the branches of my extended relation were unmonied families of rural southern Minnesota but I am fortunate to have a family photograph album from one of those families that is full of dated, 1920's snaps. Most of the women and children pictured therein are dressed in similar ways to those in the posted snap. Most women of little means then made some of their clothes, and while I am not certain, the woman in the posted snap appears to be wearing a homemade dress. Obviously it is of a utilitarian, everyday nature and not intended to be a statement of high fashion.

  2. Somewhere close by in that gently rolling landscape there must have been a good spot for sledding. As I said yesterday, I'd like to be sledding down a hill lickety-split!
    Charlotta's Colonel

  3. I bet they are twins!

  4. Wow. I have a similar photo of my grandma and dad taken in 1930s Wyoming.

  5. That's one rugged, hardy, pioneer woman!


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