Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photo Number 1094

Well..here we are!  Are you ready for another year of old photos?  We will start the New Year off with some wintery photos.

This is a very old snapshot that I found at the antique shop in Motley Minnesota.

Ice Skaters Motley Antiques

Ice Skaters on a pond or a river…the ice looks really good!

Happy New Yer Greeting Dorset 3

I couldn’t resist this lovely old  My New Year Greeting postcard.  It must be almost 100 years old..the colors are still so bright. I love that the winter church scene is surrounded by a wishbone.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy New Year! :)


  1. The ice in the top snap does look good - and cold! I'd rather be indoors roasting chestnuts.

    The greeting card is indeed an especially pretty one, on which several symbols are imaginatively incorporated. I wonder if that postcard's artist was in Europe, Germany in particular. Many of the beautiful postal greeting cards of the early-twentieth-century were produced in Germany. The architecture of the church on the card seems to be of an old European style, and the cluster of mistletoe appears to be European mistletoe rather than one of the North American species.

    The Colonel and his Charlotta wish that this new year will be filed with the Lord's blessings for you, Connie, and all of the members of your family.

  2. Charlotta cannot proofread worth a darn at times! She should go make breakfast. We wish your new year to be FILLED with the Lord's blessings - not "filed" with them. :-)

  3. My Colonel should be glad his Charlotta is better at her breakfast duties than at proofreading. When necessary, he is able to make good oatmeal and occasionally some edible toast - but that's about all! Happy New Year!

  4. I love old postcards and always enjoy browsing thru them at antique stores.

    John has great memories of ice skating in MI as a kid.

  5. Love this entry and the bickering between the Colonel & Charlotta.

  6. A New Year of old photos? Sure! I'm up for it!

    Actually, seeing these snapshots you've been posting inspires me to dig out my own old box of unidentified photos and post them...for what it's worth. Don't suppose anyone will be jumping up and down, cheering that they have the missing link, but at least I'll get the whole mess cataloged. That sounds like a good New-Yearly resolution.

    Don't know what it is with those 100 year old vibrant colors. Do you suppose that staying power comes from something nasty, toxic or politically-incorrect? It certainly isn't a substance that is being used nowadays.

  7. Great picture :)))

    Stefany Roszczyn photography

  8. Lot of empty "ice" in that photo - a study in skate scratches? :)


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