Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photo Number 1116

This is a group photo from the antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota.

Group of siblings perhaps Brainerd Antiques

The photographer is Anderson of Larimore N Dak.

Possibly siblings or maybe a group of teachers.

On a side the museum we have a parlor table just like the one in the photo it has claw feet with glass balls.

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  1. It is an interesting "study picture" from perhaps about 1905 or 1910? To me the subjects seem like they are siblings. The unusual chair is beautiful but does not look comfortable. And the parlor table is nice, too, though, unlike the chair, was then a commonplace piece. Tables of similar style and size, many also with claw-and-ball feet [of varying sizes], were then in nearly every parlor in America. They were extremely popular [not unlike coffee tables and hassocks in the 1950s] and were widely available in every furniture store and, of course, via mail-order houses, such as the two largest ones: Montgomery Ward and Sears, Roebuck & Co. We still have several of them scattered about the house. That table cover is nice, too, being from an era when just about all home furnishings where intended to be beautiful [like works of art], not just functional.

    1. My Colonel should have more clearly stated that we have several of the 1890's parlor tables [not catalog houses] scattered about our house. :-) And having them dressed with period-appropriate table covers [like the one in the photograph] is a must! Back when those tables were new, they were almost never left undressed [without a table cover of some sort].

  2. A table with claw feet and glass balls? What a lovely memory that evokes. A pedestal table on my grandparent's sun porch had just those, and I spent many a happy hour gazing fascinated at the light effects. Thanks!

  3. Distinguished group. I admire the table very much.


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