Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo Number 882

These are photos of the Strunks. They are all snapshots purchased at an Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota
Strunks DL Antiques
Strunk DL Antiques back
Melvin Florence and Adele Strunk.
April 1948 DL Antiques
April 1948 DL Antiques back
Foster and Helene and her Mother Mrs. Ellen Strunk  April 1948

The top two photos went Full Circle 73 on July 17, 2013 

A few days ago I featured this photo. Photo Number 872
helene and Larry Jo 1949 DL Antiques
Helene and Larry Jo Janich.  Helene’s maiden name was Strunk.
Larry’s wife left me a message.
Thank you yes that is my husband Larry and his mother at Lotus Lake( Excelsior, Minnesota). That was the same year Larry was adopted. They lived on Carver Beach Road. Yes, it would be interesting to see more pictures of the Strunks. I thought I had seen all of them, but this picture I have never seen!
I would be happy to send all these photos Full Circle.  Just email me.  My email is off to the left in my profile.
Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. So nice when you can complete a full circle so quickly. How wonderful for the family to find rediscovered photos. ~Abra

  2. Amazing full circle post!

  3. Foster reminds me of my g-uncle. Wow! What a tie!

  4. So wonderful to have found that set of photos with so much identification. I love reading these Full Circle stories...

    1. I hope the gal comes back..I don't have her address yet so they can go full circle:)

  5. She should want all of the pictures.They need a home.


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