Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photo Number 884

These are some snapshots from an antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Aunt Meta Hanson 1929 DL Antiques
Aunt Meta Hanson 1929
Uncle Charles Hanson  1929 DL Antiques
Uncle Charles Hanson 1929
Uncle Charles Hanson  1929 DL Antiques two
I wonder if they were married? or brother and sister and I wonder why they were not photographed together?

Hanson..Ha! like looking for a needle in a haystack..although the name Meta is not too common is it?

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From Iggy
1930 Census In Becker County Minnesota
Charles 41
Margaret 36
Charles Hanson 12
Elizabeth Hanson 10
Leo Bell 11 a nephew


  1. A very small needle in a large haystack.

    Meta has very nice legs. :)

    I suspect the two were alone - so they took each other's pictures.

  2. Meta is a German nickname for Margaret. Perhaps this is the family in the photo...note Margaret's father is German.

    Notice they have a live in nephew...Leo Bell and live in Detroit Lakes, Becker, Minnesota!

  3. Interesting pose Meta has. I wonder if she thought she was looking natural, as in admiring the grass or something.

  4. He looks to be in pain. Perhaps it could be those tight shoes that appear to be very tightly laced.


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